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Hi! I’m Laureen- most commonly misspelled as Lorraine, Lauren or in one instance written in a story book given to me on my 8th birthday, Doreen. I started baking and cooking in late 2005 when my brother started staying with me in Melbourne where I studied for five wonderful years that went by all too quickly.

I started this site in early 2007 as a way of combining my love for writing with a spot of food photography- plus there were only so many emails raving about a particular dish or baked good with photos attached i could send to my friends- as well as to share recipes and my culinary experiences with the rest of the world. Simply put, this site mainly holds a collection of the better recipes i’ve tried, my thoughts on them as well as the occasional culinary misses.

My most humbling experience in the kitchen has got to be the time i cooked Lemon Chicken. I was incredibly excited about the prospects of creating that delish plate of deep fried chicken coated in thick, sweet lemon sauce i’ve always enjoyed in eateries. Alarm bells probably should have started going off in my head when the recipe called for a generous amount of lemon juice and barely anything else. Long story short, the result was a very unpalatable chicken dish so sour it would make even the most hardcore Warhead fans pucker. Then of course there was the time i used white vinegar in place of (a rather large quantity of) apple cider vinegar..

Pizza, ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate and alfalfa are my top five favourite food in that order. Conversely, you can’t pay me enough to eat raw, whole tomatoes, ginseng and anything herbal. I will however, at a very modest fee, polish your plate of vegetables (sans said tomatoes) off for you.

Bread is by far my absolute favourite thing to make. I love how unhurried the whole bread making process is and the magic that happens in turning some yeast, flour, water and sugar into a much loved food staple around the world. Having recently read the Bread Bible, a bit of that magic has dissipated but all the scientific stuff that occurs with the formation of each loaf is simply fascinating. Simply nothing beats the aroma of a freshly baked, toasty warm loaf of bread wafting through the house.

~May 2008

Questions or just wanna say hi? Email me at thecoffeesnob-at-gmail.com or add me on Twitter (@laurdoubleen)!

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  1. hey sweet, can u bake me something with green tea some time pretty soon, pleaseeeee =)

  2. Hi, Laureen!

    It’s Alexa from Sugar Coated Kitchen. I don’t think I left a comment on your website, so I’m taking a moment to say “Hi.” So, I read that you like making bread. I haven’t attempted do it for a while since my first one came out as rock hard years ago, but I think it’s time for me to enjoy that aroma of freshly baked bread. By the way, are you still in Melbourne (It’s in Australia, isn’t it?)?

    • Hey Alexa :) Thanks for dropping by! How have you been? Are you all settled down in California? I’m currently actually really enjoying Artisan Bread in 5. It’s such a great book with a really quick, easy and foolproof approach which is perfect for me :) Anyway nope, I left Melbourne some time ago. I’m now in Singapore where I’ve sold my soul to the corporate world haha. Anyway have a fantastic week ahead, Alexa! :D

  3. hey laureen, i just happpened to stumble upon your blog and i must say i really enjoyed reading it. its so light-hearted and experienced at the same time. the first thing i thought of when i read your blog was Julie&Julia! Keep up the good work and continue making delicious treats an mouthwatering pictures :D

    • Hi Ivan. Aw, thanks for taking the time to say hi and such sweet words. You’ve completely just made my night :lol:

  4. Laureen, I’m withyo on the banana front! I was in Thailand on a 3mos.sabbatical in 1999…I stumbled upon very smallish bananas with a red skin that shouted BANANA!!! in flavor! Being a Swiss trained chef and I was given the choice at the onset of my training; you will either be a pastry type or savory type and seldom both! Great job on your site!

  5. I agree with the part about the aroma of freshly baked bread. Simple joys! =)

  6. buttonsandpins

     /  May 22, 2010

    Hi Laureen! I enjoyed reading “something about you”. BTW, I love baked goods (with only little cinnamon) and tomatoes (raw, sauteed, boiled, grilled)…

  7. buttonsandpins

     /  May 22, 2010

    BTW, I am amused with your EMA. I am now aversive to coffee drinking since I had a terrible incident with it way back May 2007…

    • Hi Curt! Thanks! And yeap I love the small Thai bananas too :)

      Hey Wanderingandhappy :) Yeap quite nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread. Love your moniker by the way!

      Hi Buttonsandpins :) We are a perfect fit where tomatoes are concerned! :D

  8. Hey Laureen! I really like your blog and have to come back soon for ideas what do make for lunch and tea. It all sounds soooo delicious and it also looks like that!!!

  9. dreaslife

     /  May 22, 2010

    hai laureen. nice blog.. nice pics..

  10. I agree with you about the bread. As we speak I am guiding some dough through it’s first rise in the fridge. I have such plans for that dough! I look forward to reading your blog!

  11. Wow, you sure have a “yuummmmyy” blog site here. Great-tasting food huh! We love to follow you around in and out your kitchen and will love to try your recipes. Great cooking and keep these mouth-watering delights flowing! :)

    • Hi gluecksind245, thank you! :)

      Thanks, Drea!

      Hey poperatzii. Ooh I can’t wait to see it on your blog! It has been too long since I last baked bread!

      Hi Annie & Brooke, thank you!

  12. plainbananas

     /  May 23, 2010

    What a wonderful bio! Love your blog and writing x

  13. Laureen, Just as I suspected…baking/pastry is your strength! As a savory guy…I have a confession, but you can’t tell anyone! I look at a slice of freshly baked artisan bread the way most people look at a choice steak!

    • Aw thank you, plainbananas!

      Hi again Curt. Yeap, I’m indeed more comfortable with pastry and baking than with the stove :)

  14. hi! i just came across your site and now im hooked!
    just want to ask what kind of camera you use in your blogs. i love the crisp images! and the food looks even more tastey :)

    thanks and take care! Keep blogging! :)

    wella fan

    • Hi Wella. Aw thank you!

      I use a Nikon D60- it’s inexpensive (as far as DSLRs go) and really easy to use!

  15. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks


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