For the Love of Food.

Egg Benedicts with The Works

You know those quick and dirty Q&A segments that pop up in print media all the time, asking celebrities, chefs or featured members of the publication team the most random questions about their daily habits, culinary favourites and every in between?

Yeahhh, I kinda really like reading those a lot. Even if I have no idea who the celebrity, chef or featured member of the publication team is.

But that’s not all- and please tell me I’m not the only one who does this- I also kinda find myself silently thinking about what my answers to those questions would be.

The one question I have to admit that always stumps me is what my three favourite ingredients are. You see, as hard as I try, I can’t quite narrow it down from my list of ten- olive oil, eggs, salt, chicken, chili, lemon, bread, bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. (Yeah, the life of a self-proclaimed glutton is so, so hard.)

Lucky for me, my inability to answer that question barely stops me from eating everything that combines as many of my favourite ingredients as much as I can. Especially when it involves brunch.

Egg Benedicts with The Works II

As much as I love eggs (is there any other ingredient that can rival the egg’s incredibly versatility to be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert?), I’ve curiously never poached eggs in my own kitchen quite possibly due to how utterly complex it seems to be. So it’s a very good thing that poached eggs turned out to be easy to cook as they were delicious to eat.

While I snub my nose at runny eggs seasoned with dark soy sauce and white pepper and demolished with a side of kaya toast (a local favourite breakfast with the boyfriend)- a result no doubt from being fed one too many soft boiled eggs as a kid- poached eggs, runny yolks and all, are a completely different story with me.

It always gives me such pleasure to split open a barely set egg, watch its gorgeous yolk ooze over a crisp slice of toast and demolish it all. So having that all slated with smooth, creamy hollandaise sauce and served with the works- as we have indulged in one too many weekends in Melbourne- made for such an incredibly delicious, hearty and comforting brunch.

Now I might not be able to pick out my three favourite ingredients but it certainly is enough for me to know what to do with my extensive list of favourites to never want to go without any of them.

Egg Benedicts with the Works [loosely adapted from Marie Claire’s Brunches]

Note: How, oh how, have I not poached eggs before? It’s one of those things that’s so quick and simple it’s as instant as cooking comes. If you cook the same way I do (ie. juggle cooking the eggs, frying the sausages and roasting the asparagus all at the same time), don’t- not for this recipe at least. The eggs will overcook in a matter of seconds, believe me. Give it the attention and it deserves and you’ll be rewarded with the most perfect poached eggs with oozing yolks. 

Egg Benedicts with The Works III

Poached eggs
4 eggs
1 tsp vinegar

Hollandaise sauce
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp water
1 tsp vinegar
50g butter, at room temperature

The Works
4 sausages, pan fried till golden brown
4 slices bacon, pan fried till golden brown
Handful of spinach, lightly sauteed
Handful of asparagus, stalks trimmed and roasted
2 slices of bread, toasted

  1. To make poached eggs Fill a saucepan with enough water to cover an egg. Add the vinegar and bring the water to a slow simmer. Cooking the eggs one at a time, crack an egg into a bowl and slide the egg gently into the simmering water. Cook for about 3 minutes or until the egg whites are cooked and yolks slightly set. Remove from the pan.
  2. To make hollandaise sauce Using a food processor, blitz the egg yolks, water and vinegar together. Add the butter and blitz till a smooth mixture forms.
  3. To serve Place the poached eggs on top of the toast and spoon over the hollandaise sauce. Plate up the works alongside the egg benedict and season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serves 2
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  1. How nicely you describe your brunch and your love of food.

  2. What a nice post, and the food looks great.

  3. soniamillerphotography

     /  November 15, 2011

    My husband just made poached eggs for the first time last night; they are indeed delicious!

  4. I love those surveys too. I think eggs would have to make my list…I like them fried, scrambled, boiled, in omelettes, in frittatas… :) I’ve yet to make my own poached eggs, you make it sound so easy I need to try now!

  5. Thanks, Anita! Oh, the things I do for and to indulge in food.. :lol:

    Thank you, Rhonda!

    Lucky you, Sonia! :D Poached eggs are my absolutely favourite way to have eggs at the moment.

    It’s incredible how versatile eggs are, aren’t they k.m.? And yes, you do need to try your hand at them- you’ll be blown away at how easy they are, I promise you! :)

  6. Three ingredients? That’s stumping me: cheese (but can I pick just one) meat (ditto) wine (double ditto) but there’s capers, tomatoes. OK tomatoes is definitely in the top three. Anyway, this looks fantastic. I still need to poach eggs.

    • Hey Rufus :) I know right? How do people pick just three ingredients? Anyway thanks although I should warn you that eggs might just be a strong contender for your top three after you get down to poaching some :lol:

  7. Ahhh poached eggs are my favorite, and Eggs Benedict in particular. These pictures are also gorgeous and making me think of delicious brunches–distracting myself from thinking about the wondrous turkey that is happening tomorrow!

  8. Jessie

     /  December 3, 2011

    I love eggs too!!! I have never poached an egg, i’m more of a fritata kind of girl myself. But your description and recipe sounds fantastic! I think i may just make this the next time i have eggs! :D

    • Heh, from one egg lover to another, you’re very welcome!

      P.S: You have to try poaching eggs. I mean, don’t get me wrong- fritatas are delicious and all but poached eggs truly are in a league of their own :lol:

  9. Love poached eggs!

    2 of my top 3 ingredients: olive oil (which I apparently share with you!) and hot sauce. Can’t narrow it down to a third!

    • Nice to see how many olive oil and poached eggs fans there are! Hot sauce sounds like a fantastic favourite ingredient- I certainly can’t eat anything without adding a little spiciness to it! :lol:

  10. Nice post, eggs benedict is one of my favourite things ever.


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