Caffeine Fix.

I have to admit, the first time i made biscottis, i wasn’t impressed. Granted they were really easy to put together and didn’t call for too many ingredients, they started to split halfway through the baking time. They totally didn’t have the gorgeous sleek smooth curvature biscottis usually have. So i quickly took them out, cut them into slices anyway and had a taste. Superficialities aside, they were pretty good so i tried them again and the same thing thing happened.

I wrote it off to just being a recipe that didn’t work for me and duly put biscottis out of my mind. Until i came across this post by ovenhaven. I knew i just had to give them another shot.

Fresh out of bananas and in bad need of caffeine fix, i decided to use the trusty Google to search for a recipe and viola, came across this recipe at JoyofBaking.

Surprise surprise, they split again while baking. Out of desperation to know what i was doing right, and others right, i Googled it and came across a post that claims it’s natural for the biscotti logs to split. But that’s the only source i’ve found on it so far so i’m not too sure how true it is.

In any case, these were nice crisp biscuits perfect for snacking. My only grip is that i could barely taste any hint of coffee. So i did what any normal person would do, have them with a huge mug of coffee. Just dunk and indulge. Bliss.

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